How do I print out your material?

Do not click on the picture. Click on the colored link which will take you to my web site. Then click “download” and a PDF document will open. At the bottom there will be a gray box with a printer icon. Click on that icon. When the PDF print window opens, be sure the Page Size tab is set to Actual. (In older versions you should set page scaling to none.

You will need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer, which you can download free here. If you do not use the latest upgrade of Adobe Reader, the document will not print correctly. You may get black boxes, graphics may be missing, or the document will stall out and not print. 

I don’t use PayPal. Can I mail you a donation?

Yes. My mailing address is   Susan Paradis    Box  941603    Plano, TX 75094. Thank you for your support.

How do you make your pre-reading music? How do you make your worksheets? Where do you get your clip art? What software do you use?

I draw everything in by hand in Adobe Creative Suite. Most of my art is drawn in PhotoShop using my own brushes. It is a difficult program and I do not recommend it to beginners unless you plan to take a course in it. Some musical symbols are shapes from the Creative Suite programs, and music is created in Finale.

Will you contact me if I subscribe to your blog?

No, you are subscribing through a WordPress application, although I love to hear from you and I appreciate your comments on my blog!  When you subscribe, you will receive an email from WordPress every time I post something on my blog. It is completely private and you will not be contacted. It is also very easy to unsubscribe. Just click the unsubscribe button.

Why didn’t my comment show up?

To keep down spam, we moderate all comments. It will show up within 24 hours, but usually much faster. You may remain autonomous when you comment. Your email will not be published unless you specify it.

Why have you added a donate button?

This site is totally funded by donations. I need your help to keep the content available and to keep the website going.

 How long have you been composing music?

I’ve been composing since my parents hauled in my grandmothers old upright piano and put it in our porch that my Father converted into his office. It was pretty crowded in there, but I spent many happy days learning to play by ear and making up my own tunes because my parents couldn’t find a teacher who would take a student with such small hands. Even as an adult I can barely reach an octave. Finally, in 4th grade, my parents found me a piano teacher.  I started writing my music in Finale about 15 years ago.

Do you know there is a mistake in your music/worksheet?

I try to proofread everything, but I miss things. Please help me out by letting me know and I will fix it as soon as possible.

Where do you get your clip art?

I rarely use clip art. I draw almost everything myself on a drawing tablet in Photoshop. My composing software is Finale. Because everyone has different computers and abilities, I cannot recommend specific software.

Can I use your art and/or music on some of the things I make for my students?

No, I own the copyright of the art and music and it must be used only in the form that is downloaded from this site.

I have an idea for a game. If I send it to you will you post it on your blog?

I am sorry, but due to time constraints of maintaining a blog, website, as well as a full piano studio, I do not have time to edit and post your ideas. You are welcome to post your games and ideas in the comment section of this blog!

A lot of your flash cards have backs. How do you print the back of cards?

How To Print on Both Sides of Flashcards

Download the file by clicking the link under the image.

The file (called a PDF) will include both the front and back of the cards. I suggest you scroll through the PDF file to see all the pages before you print.  When you are ready, open the printer dialog box.

Under the Pages to Print instructions in the pop-up box, select “Pages”, and then type the page numbers of the front of the cards. For example, if the font of the cards are on pages 1, 2, and 3, type 1-3. Select “Print.” Only the card numbers you typed in will print.

In order to print on the back, insert one of the pages you just printed back into your printer and type the PDF page number that contains the back of the cards. Do the same for every page that you intend to have a printed back. You will need to know which side of the paper your printer prints on, so test that out before you waste a lot of paper and ink. Every printer has a different way to do that.

Adobe Reader updates the PDF reader program regularly,  so in the future, the box below may look different, but the general directions will be the same.

What is your disclosure policy

Disclosure Policy

Piano Teachers Resources is a personal blog written by Susan Paradis. This blog is sponsored by voluntary contributions from readers and does not accept paid advertising. Occasionally a small commission is received from an affiliate account link with Amazon.com for the purpose of recommending teaching material that is helpful for teachers. These links are not solicited but help support the blog.

Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are personal views and are not compensated or solicited. The majority of the music and all of the products recommended are purchased by the blog owner for private studio use. However, in a small number of posts, Piano Teachers Resources is given a copy of the music.